Que Sera, Sera

by Fellow Bohemian

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The alcohol had turned it loose,
Strung up by a crooked noose,
So lets call a spade, a spade, before we’re through.

The gravity- it pulled us down,
Like the grave mistakes we passed around,
And our copper skins turned golden in the sun.

We’ll tell ourselves we’re having fun.

The common misconception is,
That it will always be like this,
Well my friend, you know I wish you all the best.

Our fates are sealed with the night,
Yeah its game-over at this point,
What’s said’s, said loudest, when its said and done.

We’ll tell ourselves we’re having fun

We thought so little then before we knew.

That the actions of those days,
Would be echoed through the age.

But oh my god, the fun we had.

Well we drank like we were old,
But we loved like we were young.
Scotch burned our throats,
And our words tied our tongues.

We’ll tell ourselves we’re having fun


released 25 July 2013
Alex Bostelman - Vocals and Guitar
Jeremy Brock - Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboard
Dave Pelusi - Vocals and Bass
Adrian Sanchez - Guitar
Greg Anderson - Drums and Percussion

Produced and Recorded by Fellow Bohemian

Mixed by Jonathan O'Brien
The Music Box Studios in Irvine, CA

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper
Turtle Tone Studios in New York, NY



all rights reserved


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